• Doctor Vũ wants to enlist you for CCC

    He challenges you to match his gift

    Vũ Nghiêm is a military doctor with the U.S. Marines. He's a warrior who readies himself to fight childhood poverty and human exploitation as well as to fight a real war. Phnom Penh is a critical frontline in the Asia-Pacific theater in the battle for the children's dignity and hope as well as undoing of the legacy of war and genocide. And he wants to enlist your help to save the CCC Center.

    Doc Vu, as we affectionately call him, will donate $5000 to CCC and he challenges you to match it. Give whatever you can. Together, we can reach $10,000 to buy uniforms, bikes, books, class fees and test fees for 90 kids for the 2013-2014 academic year. This money is literally the bridge to bring these children out of the slum toward a better life.

    You can report to duty by sending a check payable to CCC/CQF to 2160 Oakland Road Suite A, San Jose CA 95131. Or you can send your ammunition through Paypal and donate to donate@cccambodia.org.

    Let's find out a little more about Doc Vu's strategy to win the war on child poverty and exploitation. We understand he can't talk about the other war that he's preparing for. It's top secret.

    Dr. Vũ is a member of the international board of Children for Change-Cambodia. You can contact him at v.nghiem@cccambodia.org

    Doc Vu, please tell us a little about yourself. How old are you Sir?

    I will soon be 29.

    You're 28? we thought you were 16 by your look...Where were you born and when did you come to the U.S.?

    I was born in Saigon and emigrated to the US when I was 6-7 years old. Initially, I landed in Kansas City Missouri but eventually ended up in Seattle Washington State. I have 2 brothers and my folks are currently living in Seattle.

    Doc Vu, you are not just any ordinary soldier, you are a doctor. Where did you go to school and when did you enter the military?

    I majored in microbiology at the University of Washington 2003-2005 and received my Doctor of Osteopathy Medicine from Touro University in 2011. I then joined the US Navy in 2008 and did my internship in Family Medicine at Naval Hospital - Pensacola. I currently serve as a medical officer with 1st Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment, based in Kanaohe Hawaii. I live in Hawaii when I am not deployed.

    You have lived in very nice places like Florida and Hawaii. Do you like serving in the military?

    My goal is to give 10 years of service to my country as a military physician. I enjoy being with the grunts (marines). They are like a giant frat, but with guns. On my down time, I love to invest, hike, travel, read, and learning about photography.

    Well, we can see you like ice cream too. Aren't you supposed to set a good example to the soldiers and not eat junk food?

    Life is short. You've got to enjoy life's little pleasures. Ice cream is recommended.

    Okay Sir, let's switch to a more serious subject. What is your strategy on winning the war on childhood poverty and exploitation?

    My ultimate goal someday is to build up enough capital to open and sustain 10 rural schools or clinics in Southeast Asia. That is what I want to do with my time after the military.

    That is quite ambitious but you already started with one school. How did you get involved with CCC?

    I got involved with AEE Center (now CCC) during the first summer break of medical school in 2008. I taught English to the kids, but really I was there mostly to play with them while the real teaching and discipline were done by my Khmer counterparts. I visited the tent city and abandoned railroad tracks where most of the kids lived. What I saw saddened me quite bit, but also gave me a lot of joy at the same time. I saw how destitute these communities were, but even in that environment these kids were among the happiest people I have ever known. I became hooked on them ever since.

    Have you been back to CCC since then?

    I visited the Center now and then, whenever my work brought me to the area. I will be visiting again this July. Otherwise I helped to raise money when there is a fundraiser for the Center.

    Are there any kids at CCC that you remember in particular?

    I remember a girl named Lisa especially as she was just a really cute little kid. Also because I destroyed her family's table by placing my water bottle on it, oops.
    I will post her on my facebook page because there are things unnoticeable in terms of material wealth that we take for granted but are often luxury items for these kids, such as school supplies, decent shelter, or maybe a functioning table.

    What do you wish for your own life?

    I just believe in living a generous and giving life. All the self-worth, legacy, fulfillment etc. come down to this question, "Did your time spent in life made the world a better place for others than it would have been without you existing?" I hope my answer to that is "yes" when I take my last breath.

    My goodness! You really think far and deep. I didn't know doctors do that Just kidding! Do you think we can really make a difference for these kids?

    I want these poor kids in Cambodia and Vietnam to have equal or near equal access to health care and education. If you equalize those 2 things, a motivated poor kid and rich kid will have a near equal chance of being successful. I want to help a bunch of cute little boogers become successful adults and lead their community and have no need for me or any non-profit organization one day.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and mind with us and your generous matching fund of $5000 for CCC. We will call your goal of raising $10,000 the "Amazing Grace" Level on the donation list. How about an ice cream party for the kids when CCC gets $10,000?

    That's cool! Thanks very much.

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    1. minh's Avatar
      minh -
      Thank you, Dr. Vu, for your support.
    1. Thuyền Nhân's Avatar
      Thuyền Nhân -
      From David Le, Milpitas CA:

      I read the story of Doc Vu. I would like to help "match" his generous donation.

      David Hung Le
    1. TammyN's Avatar
      TammyN -
      Dr. Vu,
      That was an amazing amount you put into the project, and I truly respect that. I am 14 yrs. old and currently helping with fund raising for CCC. I'll do my best to match your amount! Thank you so much for your support. It's because of people like you that I can be inspired to make a difference. I will continually strive for doing good deeds. Also, may I have some of that ice-cream too?
      this video was what inspired me too^
    1. KimN's Avatar
      KimN -
      From: anonymous

      I’m so deeply and grateful to learn the work that Dr. Vu has been doing and his strategy goal of reaching out and benefiting Southeast Asia in the near future. I'm with you Dr. Vu that we have to live the life with fully great hearts and compassion, generosity, worthy and being significant helpful, useful etc to others.

      Okay, Dr. Vu you have inspired me to work harder by encouraging more supporters and gets more youth kids interested into this work. Hopefully, CCC is lucky enough to have many more kindness and most key valuable supporter like Dr. Vu whom is willing to share and care for both Vietnam & Cambodia children.

      Thank you very much for your caring and kindness heart. Wish you happiness, joy, bless and big smile always be with you.
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